Getting Started

Sales Page Copy Framework

Use this doc as a guide to create your sales page to ensure it contains the following key elements to make selling your memberships easier.

Course Framework

Use this doc to help you plan out your course and then how to break it down and plan it out to ensure its as awesome as it can be.

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions Templates

You need to have these docs to make sure your website in compliant. Here are a few handy templates to make your life easier in creating them. Just change the highlighted areas and you should be good to go.

What we'll need from you checklist

Here are the common elements we'll need from you to get your project started. We've put some helpful docs together to make the content creation process easier for you. You can download them from the boxes on this page.

Not sure on anything?

Not to worry, we'll run through everything in more detail on your onboarding call so don't worry if you don't have everything straight away or don't know the answers to everything above.